Thursday, July 9, 2009

A little UPDATE!!!

Well well well!!
So Kacey is back up here working, he was in St. George... I miss him working down there though.. Now I dont get to see my 'GIRLS'!! Sad... I miss you Cass, Harlo & Jess!!! OMG... & I MISS In N Out Burger!!!
So we went to Burley Idaho the last weekend of June!! Sad to say that I did NOT take any pics... This year we left Lil Miss Sevyn home with grandma & grandpa, she is NOT all about speratic noises & the boats are SO LOUD!! & it is usually SO hot there that she would have been MISERABLE!! We go there every year for the boat races... Kaceys grandpa & uncle used to race!! RIP Grandpa Faulkner & Lance!!! Kaceys grandpa died the year Kacey was born so he didn't get to know him!! & Lance was the GREATEST of ALL time, he held the FASTEST record up until a year ago & he also holds 1 or 2 other records that have NOT been beat yet!! He passed away Thanksgiving Day 7 years ago doing what he LOVED racing boats!! He left behind a GORGEOUS little girl.. Rylee!!
So every year the Faulkner clan goes to Burley for the Bill & Lance Faulkner Memorial race... @ this race the winner gets to take the 'Faulkner Family Trophy' home for the year & they also win a MINK coat, SO this race is a BIG race!! So now that Lance is gone, Ty Newton races the SS70 boat!! I must say this man is AMAZING... He makes racing boats look SO easy!! Good racing Ty, your amazing!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

So Gorgeous Flowers & Bows

So I needed to find a job but I didn't want to worry about leaving Sevyn at a daycare & missing out on all her milestones & during the summer trying to find someone to watch Kjord too... So I have started making & selling bows, flowers & little onesies!! YAY!!! I know first hand that they get a little pricey so I wanted to make them where everyone could have them... Moms can where them and so can your 'So Gorgeous' girlies!! I have also made little onesies!! So check out my 'other' blog...!!
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Friday, May 8, 2009

More Family Pics by Cassidy Miller Photography

Family Pics by Cassidy Miller Photography

Here they are...

Thanks so much Cass for takin our pics!!
And being so patient with my DIVA children!!